DJ/Producer Basscontroll

A passion was born at the early ninety’s when he fell in love with all various Electronic music kinds back then mainly Hardcore. Making music on the other hand he started in 2010 mainly for his self projects that never had a ending the basic fooling around with various daws. Things started to change when he had loads of time due to illness and he started experimenting with finishing tracks in Ableton his love of all daw’s and started giving out demo’s. Then Bang Le’ dex had interest in his tracks in 2017 for a project his first still very thankfull for Bang Le’ Dex Records that they started to see his potential.
From then 2017 he started sending / producing more tracks then ever before and he got better during the way. He is still not the professional he likes to be, but there you go his bio in a nutshell.

And the next chapter is having this new record label Basscontrollism in 2021where he gives all talented people from around the globe a platform to go to and mingle with like minded people. Eventually to start up some nice collaborations and projects with very much pleasure.. He can now say to us that the new label is taking form and that the artists are slowly being added to the website/label/community.

He also wants to invite all who reads this to have contact and inform about how to get your releases on this label feel free to use any of the social channels eq Facebook, SoundCloud, WhatsApp is where you will find it all

In 2021 he started with a new radio show BX CXNTRXLLXD on is something he’s lately into every sunday at 21:00 till 23:00 Cest where he also invites guests to do one hour cam shows.


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