Send u your idea/demo in a pack with ARTIST and EP in the title.
Please send the pack with the text as followed

Metadata: *Artist – Title (Original Mix)[Master/Pre Master]

Pre Master: *24bit 96.0Khz -6db .wav

Mastered tracks should be: 16bit 44.1Khz -7LUFS .wav (please do not exceed this value)

How to deliver your remix pack if you would want to have .
We would like to receive your remix pack with this text for the .zip file

Artist – Title (Type Mix)[Key_Am_Bpm_132]

You can send us the complete pack with WeTransfer or any other file transfer service and if you send it please use a Zipped file containing the complete finished idea

Feel free to send us your ideas/demos with the form below or use the app in the

>>Google Playstore<<

We also gladly accept demos as a PRIVATE SoundCloud playlist or link or you can use the demo send form on the BC app [See the infopage inside of the app]

As soon as possible we will refer back to you with our thoughts
and how we are going to proceed from there good luck..
for further inquiries mail us at

Hear you soon at Basscontrollism…