New chart hitter Mess by Dysnomia

SO… We only just lifted off with the branching system at BC and already have a really nice start with Dysnomia her track titled Mess together with DJMarz @ BC Corez have a listen or support here…/sets/dysnomia-dnma-mess-ep

Thanks for your ongoing support more branches will be aired soonish 5 in total to divide all the genres a bit more and we can then create pages for each branch

Basscontrollism supplies you with quality music that you will enjoy…

We are now officially a team in BC

I have decided in agreement with the Belgium music wizard [Rob Mitshi] himself to have him join BC as my right hand and future companion. Since a couple of weeks i was thinking about a expansion of BC at certain label related areas.

I will keep doing what I love and that is making a profession out of my beloved hobby’s…But as you people can see frrom today i will do this with my friend and musical co-spirit Robin Michielssen, Robin is coming originally from Belgium from the town called Wuustwezel and i know this village very well because Club-X was in the same little town it was a highly beloved Club in the 90’s known for the harder and faster side of the music spectrum..

Inside Club-X

By looking at the last couple of months data and insights and incoming work releases, app, socials and the Discord server/community etc. I have made up my mind how to keep maintaining a certain standard where you guys all can find yourself in for BC, and this is the fast flip over times for demo/release/distribution that we are working with or what i have said to be having it run this way.. Great guy’s and girls keep them demos coming in and spread the word because BC is on the loose and we like to have you with us by our side. We represent a constantly growing community of musical talents in various genre’s with music that you are able to buy from your favourite DJ stores globally.

So yeah chapter two of the story for BC has started and with hopefully many many more chapters ahead we like to give a warm welcome to Rob Mitshi I am very happy with your offer to help on all aspects of running a label thanks bro its highly appreciated

Robin Michielssen

New VA announced

We have a new collection VA. EP coming in at the end of May start of June called “Dark Matter” and we are looking for more tracks to have on this release with a maximum of 2 tracks per artist so please if you feel like it then send your tracks to the following email address or go to this link

Only MP3 files or private SoundCloud links will be accepted. We are looking forward to your submissions in all on the site’s homepage listed and accepted genre’s

Basscontrollism – Dark Matter VA. EP

Where back again on the charts

Have look for yourself

Distvrbed Hymns EP
#26 in HARD TECHNO Releases
Dominant Response EP
#27 in HARD TECHNO Releases
Dominant Response EP
#36 in TECHNO (RAW / DEEP / HYPNOTIC) Releases
Distvrbed Hymns EP
#35 in TECHNO (RAW / DEEP / HYPNOTIC) Releases

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Basscontroll Frozen Liquids DJMarz Remix

Basscontroll Frozen Liquids DJMarz Remix
This is the first EP where we got 4 remixes of mainly established Techno and House producers THEMADDEEJAY, DJMarz and Si Brown now creating some for the first time to do a Drum & Bass track which turned out to be a whole new chapter for them

Enjoy Basscontrollism
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