Rob Mitshi

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His name is Robin Michielssen and he goes under the artist name Rob Mitshi is producing music on and off for a good 20 years now. Born and raised in Wuustwezel Belgium, home of the legendary Club X and The-Site. He moved to Serbia where he lives now. He is a producer/live performer and also does dj sets. He grew up listening to early gabber followed by hardstyle and trance and eventually he found the techno sound. His go to DAW is Ableton live, but he also knows his way around other programs like FL studio, Reason, LMMS and of course is no stranger to analog hardware. He mainly makes a mix of techno/hardtechno with some trance and old-school influences, but he occasionally also likes to throw in some acid and breakbeat material as well. All in all a very versatile artist with much varaition so keep an eye on him as his career takes off to the next level. We hope u enjoy his music.