Raw Vandalz

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Hello there people I’m Richard Kort aka Raw Vandalz. I’ve been in music since I was 14. We had an Amiga 500 at home where we played games. My school friend at the time also had an Amiga 500 and ever since then we were always gaming after school, until one day he had a music program (Protracker). Since we discovered how everything worked, we were sold. Every weekend and also during the week we were busy making music. We worked with this system for a number of years until we went a step further. We also wanted to know a little more about how other producers made their tracks, so we did some research. We bought our first hardware back in the 90s and that was the Roland MC303. We spent evenings there. We thought we wanted more synths like that, so… We bought an Atari 1040 with Cubase and a mixing desk and we soon had a Roland Juno106 as well. We started working with this small set and more and more devices were added. The studio was born. In the years that followed we made a lot of music together for fun but never released it. Later in 1997 I ended up in a group of producers (Rijnmond Terrorists) with whom we had several performances in the hardcore scene, including (Mysteryland Outdoor 1997) the blubber edition and several more performances after that. It only got serious with producing when my buddy came over once and he had a set from youtube with dark techno. I was over…. I thought it was so dark and cool that I started making something in it myself until one day my mattie DominicG was with us in the studio and I heard a track from him that he said.. …….. holy fuck this is going to be him! We completely straightened the track and the first release was born. And now I have my own label together with my buddy Frank van Wissing under the name Hot Peppers Raw where we release the techno on. And we just keep going! Piece out Raw Vandalz