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Born 1985, i lived the techno revolution from my teenager’s bedroom and began playing with tracker and music making software of that time. I’ve began music production really quick. I was always addicted to repeating sounds and started banging wooden/metal stick onto plates when i was 4 years old and already pissed off everyone around me with this. Started producing techno but as i was discovering many sounds (jungle, Tec step, big beat) each time i tried to recreate what i was listening to with not so many success and lost myself in the infinite 16 bar loop hole and was very frustrated with this.
I then left music production when i reached 21 y.o , i began my working career but music was still in my head and my heart all the time.
Restarted making music March 2021 after a serious mental breakdown in my life. I use music to release all the bad/dark vibes I’ve got in myself.
I try to abandon the DAW for a more live oriented/intuitive music making process to better express my feelings. I’m thinking seriously about deejaying as well.
I’m kinda eclectic sonically wise : one day can stick to some downtempo, classical stuff (huge fan of Satie and Debussy) the other day I’ll listen to some speed core/noise core or heavy metal: what i search is the extreme aspect in a sound in all its shape whether sonically, emotionally or rhythmically.
Even if I’m making techno / hard ‘technoish’ stuff, I’m very inspired by Nature. Nature is everything, too bad we human lost connection with it, we must reconnect with her it’s mandatory for a better humanity.
Other themes that inspire me are Occultism, Alternative Sciences and Cyberpunk.