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Jacknowledge had his first contact with DJ’ing at the age of 14. Displaying interest in different genres, from House to Hip Hop he worked on mixtapes to share with his friends. Over time the creative interest in music ended up fading away, until his mid 20’s where he came in touch with his first Techno experience in Club Vaag in Antwerp. The track “Dense & Pika – Little Sun” was playing, and he immediately fell in love with this genre and the endless possibilities and room for experimenting. “This was my drug, it made me loosen all thoughts. I don’t need anything else”.

That was the sparkle that ignited his music production career. Self-taught into making Techno his first appearance in the scene was in a collab with Essor in 2020, released under TAUB recordings and a self-release with Jackstasy and a few bootlegs with Gnasher. In 2021 he and his Berlin-based musical twin Chemical Dumpster released a hard acid Techno EP called “The War Within”, released under Papotako Records and a remix for “Basscontroll – On Your Way To The Afterparty” under Dead Groovy Deep.

In the weekends Jacknowledge likes to DJ with a small group of friends who collaborate under the name of “tijdverdrijf” and throw local Techno parties.

Next to producing and mixing, he helps managing the /r/TechnoProduction Discord server.