DJ Deep Noise

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DJ Deep Noise is a genuine product of techno culture. Since he was young, he has breathed and lived electronic music with a burning passion that gives him its authenticity and uniqueness. This talented DJ knows how to convert a sound flow into an energy that electrifies a crowd. He doesn’t just mix music, he combines it with skill and intelligence to create an intangible flow that has a powerful effect on a hypnotized audience. Producer faithful to the original spirit of techno, his inspirations come from Chicago, Detroit and the other fundamental brick-cities of the techno culture DNA. They give DJ Deep Nosie’s compositions a unique color and texture, mixing fundamentals with subtle touches of modernity.DJ Deep Noise personifies the abstract entity that is techno music. The culture of techno music flows in his veins while the spirit that inhabits him is that of this music as it was, as it is and as it will be through the actors who are passionate about this fundamental alchemy between engineering, futurism and universal philosophy. With Ghara Records, he has found a home that reflects his conception of Techno. He hosts a podcast for the label called Everybody Speaks Techno. He also collaborates in the artistic direction of this label to broaden the spectrum of this collective passionate about art, engineering and philosophy. Biography by Lucien Derivaz aka Therian Shifter

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