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For the LA-born, Seattle-based DJ, music has been a lifetime love, but her journey to techno DJ took a more circuitous route. Working as a radio broadcaster, she was encouraged to try mixing instead of just playing songs. She fell in love with the creative freedom and possibilities of DJing. “I felt like I came home.” Initially drawn to the more melodic corners of dance music, once she heard the pounding beats of underground techno, she threw herself into it with passion and determination. Like most DJs, making her own music was the logical next step in her progression. For someone who believes deeply in art as self-expression, it’s unsurprising that her output is less about genre specifics than channeling emotions into sound. A listen to her discography on labels like Pure Dope Digital, SMR Underground, and White Line Music shows a range from dark and banging to melodic and uplifting techno, while her upcoming release on UM Records is much deeper, housier fare. No matter the mood, Demah’s productions reflect her emotional connection to music, laying her heart out for people to hear. With a radio show on Fnoob Techno radio, streaming appearances for Detroit’s beloved Charivari, sets at multiple Pacific Northwest clubs including Seattle’s Kremwork – Timbre Room, and more record releases to come, it’s obvious how much Demah is driven to play and create music. She is proving with every move that it’s not how long you’ve been doing it, it’s how much love you put into it.