We are Basscontrollism
We are a record label
We are a community for all electronic related music styles/genre’s
“Where creativity prevails”
“Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter” ℗ Basscontroll

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“Where creativity prevails”
“Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter” ℗ Basscontroll

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Basscontroll Frozen Liquids DJMarz Remix

Basscontroll Frozen Liquids DJMarz Remix
This is the first EP where we got 4 remixes of mainly established Techno and House producers THEMADDEEJAY, DJMarz and Si Brown now creating some for the first time to do a Drum & Bass track which turned out to be a whole new chapter for them Enjoy Basscontrollism
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Life is good EP

This is going to be the first collection VA for Basscontrollism with many artists [not all]

#Basscontroll #Basscontrollism #DJMarz #lifeisgood #melodictechno&house #BassControll #QuestLondonRadio


And Basscontrollism is ready for it. I have a very nice announcement to make as an official APP will be launched soon on the google play store. I am now working hard to make this a very nice extension to the label and site/community people with the app can see artists bio’s and all the promo’s attached to the label per artist there will come a profile with all content I have not ever seen such APP yet for music labels but I think this could add to getting as much reach as possible and also innovate in the contact with possible fans, DJ’s, future artists or other music lovers,

Here’s is a preview of the app if you have any suggestions then contact me and tell me what you think could be good for such an APP

This is the menu structure for now…

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